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?? Setting ??

Once upon a time, a young alchemist named Edward Elric was trying to find a way to retrieve his younger brother’s body from The Gate. He came upon some research that seemed promising, and attempted a transmutation... which did not go well at all. Suddenly, in the city of Central, there was two of everyone. It is unclear what went wrong in Edward’s experiment; the details, however, are unimportant. All you need to know is that it was definitely Colonel Mustang’s fault.

In the wake of this highly improbable catastrophe, the people of Amestris attempted to continue with their normal lives. Over time it was discovered that Edward had somehow created a fracture in space-time, allowing two parallel dimensions to collide. Some people learned to pass from one dimension to the other at will. As more time passed, the fracture splintered, spread, and deepened, exposing our heroes frequently to strange dimensional shifts and anomalies. Central, the epicenter of the fracture, had it worst. The city was often inundated by people, animals, and both animate and inanimate objects from multiple dimensions. Many people, individually or in groups, were shunted at random into other universes for indeterminate periods of time. At other times, the city of Central was itself transformed into an other-wordly landscape. Occasionally our heroes would even find themselves inexplicably merged with the minds or bodies of extra-dimensional humans, humanoids, freakish alien creatures, colorful ponies, or snarky robots.

Now, the dimensions themselves have broken down completely, allowing people not only from parallel worlds to come through into Central, but completely different ones as well.

One might wonder how, faced with such chaos, our heroes did not simply go insane. ...One might cease wondering fairly quickly.

Our story continues...

?? The Game ??

OMG!FMA started out as just a crack FullMetal Alchemist roleplay, but has since expanded into a full-blown multifandom game.

The game itself takes place in Central, one of the main cities of the FMA universe. While the power of alchemy reigns here, any characters that cross over from the new dimensions (non-FMA universe) will retain their own powers (ie, Harry Potter cast being able to use magic, etc).

This is also meant to be a crack RP (though more serious plots are always welcomed and enjoyed) which allows up to two characters of each one in a certain fandom, in either IC (In Character) or OOC (Out of Character) form. For example, an IC!Edward Elric who follows canon and an OOC!Edward Elric who is batshit insane.

Moderators are always glad to answer questions, and they can be found below.

?? Moderators ??

Mod // Lisa LJ user rsiasta. Accepts people into the RP and generally watches out for things. | Can be reached at rsiasta@gmail.com or on AIM at rsiasta.
Mod // Angela. Accepts people into the RP and generally watches out for things. | Can be reached on AIM at zolacnomiko.